2014 is the Year of the Horse!

Free spirited Year of the Horse person

The Year of the Horse person is noble smart and free spirited according to Chinese Astrology!

The Horse person is a striking figure!

They are attractive and adept at social interaction.

And boy - do they like physical activity - moving wherever possible.

And if not possible they feel hemmed in!

The horse person is truly a free spirit. 

The 2014 Chinese horoscope should see Horse people use their horse traits to their best advantage in 2014.

The Horse person has lots of energy particularly when they are young!

They should make use of it in the year 2014.

2014 is the year of the horse zodiac sign - right after the Year of the Snake.

In the year 2014 the horse person should carefully manage their energy to take on any challenges thrown up in 2014.

I see the horse as an animal that loves running wild in open country – very strong with lots of energy.

They like to run free in the countryside.

The person who was born in the Year of the Horse likes the outdoors and has plenty of energy.

Trapped agitated horse

Are you a horse?

Is your partner a horse?

Let's find out more about this person.

Have you ever seen a horse trapped in a corral? – it is very agitated and unhappy.

The same with the person trapped in a closed room or enclosed space.

Horses have a mind of their own.

How many times have you seen a rider trying to guide a horse one way and the horse not wanting to?

Or how many times have you seen a horse come to a jump and refuse to jump?

In Chinese astrology a person born under this Chinese Zodiac sign certainly has a mind of their own and will not do something unless they want to.

So in 2014, the horse person should try to open their mind to other ideas.

Jumping horse

The horse likes jumping. Often you will see horses jumping over logs or show jumps.

Therefore the person born under this Chinese Zodiac Calendar sign likes to move from job to job or relationship to relationship.

I associate the horse with travel and transport. Horses have often been used to carry people to far away places such as the Wild West in America in years gone by.

Thus, the person born under this Chinese Zodiac sign likes to travel especially to faraway exotic places.

To me, horses seem to be very spontaneous and energetic when young. However, when they become older, they mellow and become content in their surroundings.

Hence, the person born in the Year of the Horse mellows with age and becomes more stable and content in later life.

2014 should be easier for such people after the challenges faced in 2013 -  the Year of the Snake.

Year of the Horse Person - Strengths

The Horse person is lucky to have some of the attributes of the Horse - energetic, noble, free spirited and clever.

Happy warm hearted horse

The Horse person is a happy warm hearted person who is an optimist.

Thus, they have good friends and are well liked by many people. They have great social skills.

The Horse person is bold and able to lead others in business.

The Horse person is an innovative person being able to come up with new ideas.

You could put your entrepreneurial skills to good use.

People are drawn to the Horse person because of their warm hearted cheerful nature.

The Horse person can take advantage of this by getting everybody to work together to achieve goals.

The Horse person is reliable - they can be relied upon to carry out given tasks.

The Horse is a noble animal used throughout history for transport, agriculture and by the military.

So the Horse person is well liked by many people.

Year of the Horse Person - Weaknesses

The Horse person is a sociable likeable person most of the time.

The Horse person is patient up to a point - but they can be hot tempered.

Horse lashes out

Pushed too far, the Horse person can lose their temper.

They then lash out (just like a horse) at others which can undo the good relationships they have built up with their good social skills.

They can also be stubborn just like a horse!

The Horse person has many followers but they are not always receptive to other points of view.

The Horse person will do well if they can control their temper, even when pushed to the extreme, and listen to other points of view.

Year of the Horse person - 2014

The Horse person should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

2014 - the Year of the Horse

If they are, 2014 - the Year of the Horse - should be a good year.

They should use their considerable social skills to build their circle of friends, acquaintances and contacts.

The Horse person should lead the way for others but be humble - and listen to what others have to say.

People look up to the Horse person so they should offer advice and help.

They should watch out for that temper - stay cool and calm, no matter how far they are pushed.

And the Horse person should listen to the views of others.

2014 - the Year of the Horse - should be a good year for the Horse person if they can do this.

Famous Year of the Horse people

There are famous persons who are Horse people and act like it.

Jackie Chan (born April 7 1954) is a well known actor from Hong Kong. Many of his roles are action packed and he is well liked by many people. He is a leader in his professional field - a real Horse person!

John Travolta (born February 18 1954) is a famous actor from America. Also well known for his energetic roles in many films. He is a very popular person.

James Dean (born February 8 1931) was an actor who died at a young age after making three films. Despite this, he has become a cult hero because of his free spirited nature and rebellious ways.

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