Panda Bear locations in Sichuan.

There are several panda bear locations in Sichuan.

You can see the Panda Bear in a Research Station, a Sanctuary or a Chinese Zoo.

Chengdu Panda Bear Breeding Research Center

This is a popular place to see the Pandas - both Giant and Red Pandas.

It is the reason many people go to Chengdu - to see the Pandas at the research center.

The Panda Research Center is about 30 minutes by taxi from the center of Chengdu.

The center, of about 100 acres, is a meticulously maintained site for the research and breeding of Pandas.

You can see large adult pandas, little pandas and baby pandas.

There even is a hospital for the Pandas!

Panda Bears at Chengdu Panda Research Station

The Chengdu Panda Research Centre is also a nice area to walk around.

As well as the Panda enclosures, there is a large lake with picnic areas.

The many gardens are beautifully maintained with lots of vegetation growing, particularly bamboo for the Pandas to eat.

There is a restaurant and outside eating area on the shores of the lake. It is a very pleasant area to relax after seeing the Pandas.

A good tip is to see the Pandas first thing in the morning - that is when they are most active.

During the day (particularly when it is warm) the Pandas tend to sleep.

However, I have been in the middle of the day in the winter and still saw active Pandas.


The best known is the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary in Sichuan Province.

Actually it consists of a number of reserves and parks.

Wolong, which is about 140 km from Chengdu, is the best known.

Apart from the Pandas, there are nice walking trails in a beautiful location.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site.

It is estimated that about a third of the world's pandas live here.

It is much more difficult to see Pandas in the wild but the country is breath taking in many places.


Some Chinese zoos have Pandas.

This is the least attractive option but if you can't get to a sanctuary, go to the zoo. However, some zoo conditions are not that great.

However, the one I saw in Chongqing was reasonable.

 The Pandas had large areas to roam around in. They seemed quite happy and content - eating bamboo and sleeping as Pandas do!

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