The Year of the Rooster is next in 2017. What about 2015?

The person born in the Year of the Rooster is loud, confident and cocky!

The Rooster Zodiac Sign appears next in the year 2017. 

Year of the Rooster Zodiac SignYear of the Rooster

In 2015 they will still be loud, confident and cocky.

The Rooster person should in 2015, the Year of the Sheep, have a successful year.

The Rooster's natural confidence and ability should serve them well in 2015, the Year of the Sheep.

But there are things to watch out for!

Arrogance could bring the Rooster down.

But confidence mixed with humility could be a great weapon.

What will 2015 bring for the Rooster person?

But first, what does Chinese astrology tell us about the Rooster person.

The rooster is a bossy bird!

It wakes all and sundry up at the crack of dawn.

The Chinese horoscope views the Year of the Rooster person as a confident, almost arrogant person who likes to lead others.

However, their arrogance could work against them!

The rooster is the only Chinese Zodiac animal from the bird family - a special honour indeed.

The rooster has special significance in past Chinese culture.

Roosters still play an important role in Chinese life.

Their crowing at the start of the day was a signal for the Chinese people to get out in the fields and start working.

Roosters are very good at telling other people what to do!

Roosters are auspicious animals looked up to by hens and chickens, other animals and people.

Roosters are confident but sometimes too confident. This arrogance can work against the Year of the Rooster person.

Roosters are looked up to by many and are natural leaders.

Rooster people often have good leadership skills and have important roles to play.

Bossy Rooster!Bossy Year of the Rooster

However, this confidence can be abused and turn into arrogance.

If this happens, the Rooster person can alienate other people which will set back any ventures they are involved in.

Usually though, the Rooster person uses their confidence in a humble way and is respected by other people.

How will the Rooster person be treated in 2015 - the Year of the Sheep?

The Rooster person has attributes of confidence and competence.

The Rooster person should use these characteristics to their advantage.

2015 - the Year of the Sheep - should provide opportunities to do this.

The Rooster person's confidence and competence should place them well to take advantage of opportunities in 2015.

But the Rooster person needs to be careful!

Well placed confidence taken too far can turn into arrogance. Arrogance can turn people off - not what a leader wants.

2015, the Year of the Sheep, should be a successful year for the Rooster person provided they manage their confidence in a humble way.

Take advantage of your confidence but don't let it turn into arrogance.

Many Chinese believe 2015 will not be a good year because it is the Year of the Sheep.

This is because the sheep is regarded as an animal easily lead and deceived by others..

However, for a Rooster person  2015 - the Year of the Sheep - could be a successful year because they have the confidence and skills to overcome any adversity.

But beware!

The Rooster person could have failures in 2015 if their renowned confidence turns to arrogance and they offend people.

Cocky RoosterConfident Rooster

But the Rooster person is clever enough to recognise this and use their leadership skills in the best possible way.

People will look up to the Rooster person so they should treat people with dignity and respect, listen to their opinions and make the best decisions in everybody's interest.

Do this and people will follow.

For the Rooster person 2015 will bring success if these simple leadership principles are followed.

Be arrogant and failure will follow.

Be humble and successes will occur!

Year of the Rooster Person - Strengths

The Rooster person has some noticeable traits of the Rooster - confident, cocky, energetic and enthusiastic.

The Rooster person is not afraid to lead, another sign of their confidence.

They like challenges and are not aftraid to put themselves out there.

Strong RoosterConfident Rooster

The Rooster person is intelligent and clever - another good leadership sign.

The Rooster person likes to excel - to be at the top of the tree. Just think of the Rooster being the boss of all those hens.

The Rooster person is reliable and hardworking. Just think of how reliable the Rooster is - crowing every morning at the crack of dawn to wake everyone up.

Many people look up to, rely upon and trust the Rooster person.

The Rooster person has the abilities not to disappoint those people.

Year of the Rooster Person - Weaknesses

The Rooster person can be conceited at times.

Arrogant RoosterCocky Rooster

Their unique position of power sometimes causes the Rooster person to forget their humble beginnings.

The Rooster person enjoys their position of power. But sometimes their confidence, loudness and cockiness can go too far and put people offside.

The Rooster person can have a lot of followers. They can help the Rooster person if treated with respect and dignity.

But treat them with disdain and they will turn on the Rooster person.

Year of the Rooster 2015 - Finances

Rooster people often do well with finance.

Year of the Rooster FinancesRooster and Finances

Their leadership skills and cleverness means that they often make money and invest wisely.

But you cannot assume that it will "just" happen.

Confidence is good - arrogance is not!

The Rooster person must be particularly careful in 2015 the Year of the Sheep.

The Year of the Sheep is regarded as unlucky by many because the sheep is meek and a follower.

So the Rooster person should be carefull to keep their feet on the ground.

Use your confidence, intelligence and braveness to make good well informed decisions.

Be clever, sensible and decisive but not arrogant.

For people born in the Year of the Rooster 2015 can be a good year if this can be done.

Year of the Rooster 2015 - Business and Careers

The Rooster person has excellent traits for success in business or their chosen careers.

They like to lead, have the skills to lead and are not afraid to lead.

Year of the Rooster businessmanRooster Businessman

Leadership could be of other people or leading the field in new ideas and innovation.

They have the confidence to do it.

But the Rooster person needs to be careful in 2015 not to be over confident.

Over confidence could lead to carelessness and mistakes.

Bad decisions could be costly!

Even though the Rooster person feels confident, they should confide in people whom they trust and seek advice to help them make the right decisions.

A mentor would benefit the Rooster person in 2015.

Successful people are good listeners.

They take advice, think about it and then decide.

Year of the Rooster 2015 - Romance

The Rooster person must work at their relationship by paying attention to their partner and family.

Year of the Rooster romance

The confidence of the Rooster person is attractive to many in the 2015, the Year of the Sheep.

However, the person born a Rooster can go too far and become bossy and arrogant.

This could hurt their relationship.

People born in the Year of the Rooster should be confident but also humble and be empathetic to their partner and family.

Your family are your partners - not your inferiors!

For the Rooster person 2015 should be a happy year for romance and relationships if they can use their confidence wisely.

Year of the Rooster person - 2015

The the Rooster person can have great successes in 2015 or there can be failures.

It depends on how they use their considerable skills.

Confidence is a great attribute to have. The Rooster person should use it to take on new challenges and adventures.

They should use their leadership skills to harness the power of others.

But if they become too arrogant, they will turn people against them.

The Rooster person should lead confidently but treat people in a humble way.

Do this and 2015 should be a good year for the Rooster person.

Famous Year of the Rooster people

There are some well known Rooster people around.

Christiane Amanpour (born January 12 1958) is a well known fearless confident news reporter for CNN. She is a real leader breaking new ground in reporting from the world's trouble spots.

Eric Clapton (born March 30 1945) is a leading British musician. Started off playing in bands but forged a successful career as a solo guitarist and singer - showing the confidence of a Rooster person.

Michael Cain (born March 14 1933) is a leading British actor having starred in several famous British films such as "Alfie", "The Italian Job" and the "Batman" films.

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